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Rep Spotlight: Rebecca Woods (Current Web)

Rebecca Woods Rebecca Woods. Please tell us about your family life?
Busy! But, I wouldn’t have it any other way! I run a one-parent household of three great kids, Patricia 15, Donna 14, and Griffin 4. They are my whole life and the reason I breathe.

What do you do for fun?
During my me-time I enjoy painting, going out with my girlfriends, and watching Shameless and This Is Us. Of course, bra parties too! This is much of my adult time us moms yearn for.

What inspires you?
Random acts of kindness, hugs, compassion, and when we, as a people, overcome a hurdle for the greater good.
“Self-care isn’t selfish. You cannot serve from an empty vessel.” -Eleanor Brown
This goes for all of you moms out there. Don’t discount your well-being for others. This can be tough sometimes. I have to remind myself of this daily. You have to maintain the best you in order to give your best. Self-care is not a reward, it’s a need. With all you do you do not deserve bad foundations.

What do you hope for the future?
That more people in our country try to use their passion and energy towards what they love rather than what they don’t. There is too much hate.

What’s the secret to your success?
It’s a secret, (whispers) I try. That’s it. I just try to make whatever I’m doing worth it. Whether it’s at home, my full-time career, slinging bras for a cause or simply grocery shopping. I just try. Sometimes it takes everything I have but the rewards are sweet.
What is the one piece of advice you would like to share with new EBW reps to start a successful business?
Focus on your goal or your ‘why’. Make sure your starting goal is reasonable. For example, I want to make my car payment, keep my fridge full, or pay off my credit cards with this bra business. Then, after your first year measure your success and double that goal!

What type of events do you book on a monthly basis?
My goal is 2 home parties and 2 private fittings a month. I also do 4 to 6 vendors fairs a year. This year I hope to also add 3 more community partnerships. I also volunteer for “I Support the Girls – Twin Cities” and collect gently used and new bras and feminine hygiene products at my events. “I Support the Girls” gives these donations to women and young ladies in need. Last year this organization collected and donated 1,500,000 goods to ladies in our country. Essential Bodywear is also a partner in-kind with this organization.

Why do you think people join your team?
My plate is full without my bra business but I’m still successful. I could be the poster child for how being a direct sales consultant CAN provide for your family with minimal time involvement, minimal financial investment, and positive gains. I’d like to help 3 ladies start a bra biz of their own this year!

Because of me taking on my own EBW business, my full-time career has also taken off. Within 6 months of joining EBW I applied for a new position with a different company and was offered a generous salary increase which is significantly more than my previous job. Game changer! My bra business is on my resumé with #supportabreastfriend cause. They told me upon offering me the position that the raise in my salary was mostly due to my successful EBW bra business. A portion of my gross income from slinging bras goes to my best friend, Mary, and her family. She’s a breast cancer slayer.
What’s your favorite EBW product?
The Abbie for sure! She is magical for anyone that suffers from bra problems. Abbie sells herself. My job is to correctly fit my customer with this amazing bra and that’s it. This isn’t a hard sell. Once a customer puts on the Abbie … you’re writing an order!

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