About Us

The number one question CEO Carrie Charlick get asked while introducing Essential Bodywear to a new customer is, "How did you get started in this business?"

The idea generated in January of 2003 while at a national convention. Unfortunately, the show was much less successful than anticipated. Fortunately, this slow convention provided the platform for almost a week of people watching. While people watching, she noticed something interesting: how many women at the convention were dressed in stylish clothes, fantastic makeup, sassy haircuts....and lackluster undergarments.

And she began to ask women why. The answer was unanimous...bodywear shopping...and especially bra shopping was a major bummer for women. Most felt little to no joy when purchasing a product every one of them needed! Carrie decided right there and then to help with one of life"s biggest downers and make shopping for bras, panties, and shapewear fun and easy.

This led to the home party plan business of Essential Bodywear in the state of Michigan in July 2003. Carrie knew having fun with friends while blending complimentary fittings for luxurious and seamless undergarments would be a perfect combination for success and making a difference. Women responded immediately and with such enthusiasm that they both knew instantly complimentary bra fittings in a home party setting was a perfect fit.

EBW continues to offer complimentary fittings in home party settings throughout our uplifting network of independent EBW Representatives across the country. By offering a product every woman needs with the attention every woman deserves, our growth continues. Flexible hours and the ability to be in business for yourself but not by yourself continues to spur dramatic growth. If your dream is financial freedom and to help women with a much needed product contact us for more information.

To Revolutionize the way
women Shop for Bodywear.
To Preserve women’s
Physical Health and Self Esteem.
To Assist EBW representatives in
Achieving their vision of success.

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