HOST AN EBW PARTY your home or office! Share your love of EBW products and have fun planning your very own Essential Bodywear party. It is THE party your friends, co-workers, and family will thank you for hosting!

Invitations. Invite everyone you know. Send out invitations via email, text, social media, and/or mail.

Catalog. Encourage your guests to view the lookbook, and print off any styles/items they would like to hear more about at your party. Select your favorites. Create a wishlist of items you would like to receive for free or 1/2 off.

Additional Orders & Bookings. Collect outside orders and future bookings from friends who cannot attend. Panties, shapewear, necessities, lingerie bags, etc. are all items that can be purchased simply by viewing the items in the catalog.

Refreshments. Simple and easy refreshments are best… there is no need to prepare anything elaborate. Instead, spend your time getting your guests excited to attend your party.

Fitting Room. It’s all about the personalized fitting so be sure you have set aside a space to be used as a fitting room for your guests. A mirror is helpful, too!

Relax & Have Fun! Relax, catch up with your guests, and have fun!

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Hostess  REWARDS

Introduce your family, friends, co-workers, and neighbors to our awesome line of bras, panties, shapewear, and business opportunity! Share Essential Bodywear and all it has to offer to help empower women inside and out.

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