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Turn uplifting products women love into your dream life! Essential Bodywear offers an exciting career plan to help you build your own business. This unique opportunity puts you on the ground floor of an innovative company.



Ready to be your own boss? Start your own business with Essential Bodywear and make a difference in women’s lives. Enjoy fabulous products, fun, and financial opportunity! Essential Bodywear offers women the career opportunity to help you grow personally, professionally and financially.

Travel opportunities with EBW are more than an escape because when you travel with Essential Bodywear, it’s the experience of a lifetime! How do you get this opportunity? Simple. Become an EBW Rep and be amazed with the awesome opportunities offered.


Rep Spotlight: Robin Peters

Leah Doyle

Tell us a little about yourself and family life.

I’m the poster child for “time-broke.” My husband is extremely helpful and supportive of all my crazy and I couldn’t do any of this without him. I’m a Mom to two beautiful little girls, Reese (age 9) and AvaClaire (age 5), both of which keep my on my toes! I teach competitive clogging 2-3 nights a week (if you don’t know what clogging is, PLEASE look it up – it’s pretty awesome!) to kids ranging in age from 2 – 16 years old. I help with church activities and at some point I find the time I keep up with the other Mom/Wife/Life duties.

Tell us about what appealed to you to join EBW?

I host a vendor market twice a year in my town, as a fundraiser for my cloggers. In seeking unique vendors, I came upon EBW and reached out to corporate for a rep in my area. After seeing my own before and after I was intrigued! Although I didn’t purchase or host a party right off, I was still thinking about how un-supportive my bras were. I’ve been in direct sales for over 3 years and with my previous company there was no necessity to the product. In December 2018 I realized the HUGE expense of inventory, shipping, etc. that I’d been spending, and yielding no real financial gains for all of my efforts. That is the point in which I knew I needed to do something different. A friend of mine hosted an EBW party where I ordered bras. They were delivered extremely fast and I wore them daily! I booked my own party, just to see what the turn out would be like and how many of my friends would come. It went great! I decided that night to join and the sales from my party paid for over half of my kit cost! It’s been a full blown roller coaster ride since then! With EBW, EVERY woman needs what we offer. This company and the opportunity are a total no-brainer! After joining I IMMEDIATELY started reaching out to ladies that I KNEW had the same mindset as I did and I grew a team almost overnight!

How do you balance work and family life?

1 ‘ve been able to balance my “time-broke” schedule and be successful with my Essential Bodywear business because of being very organized. I live by my planner, and my daily “to-do” lists. I also keep the mindset of: I believe in what we offer, I truly enjoy empowering the women around me, and Uplifting them (literally). January 27th 2019 is a date that has already proven to be a day that opened doors to opportunities in a way that nothing else could!

What is the one piece of advice you would give to a Rep who is just starting out with Essential Bodywear?

If you’re just starting out, my biggest piece of advice would be this – YOUR FORTUNE IS IN THE FOLLOW-UP! Remember, in a world of “self check out” stores, YOU can offer a PERSONAL customer service experience, do it!

What are your goals for working with EBW?

My goal in my EBW business is to become a Director by the end of 2019 and continue to grow a team of like minded women who truly want to be successful, and create a world of opportunities for themselves and their families. I want to exude confidence and show the women around me that being successful IS possible.

What have you gained from working with EBW?

With EBW I’ve gained a sense of worth in what I’m offering to my friends, family, and the women I have met. This company is un-like any other! We have EVERYTHING we need to be successful, right at our fingertips and what we offer is a NECESSITY, not an accessory to a woman’s life!

What is one of your favorite quotes you live by?

I LOVE quotes. My Mom made me a book of them years ago and gave it to me. “When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left, and could say, ‘I used everything you gave me”‘ – Erma Bambeck .”It’s not about what it is, it’s about what it can become” – Dr. Suess.

How do you push through setbacks or disappointments in your business?

In life, and in business there WILL be set backs – Appreciate the bad, otherwise you’ll never truly appreciate the good! Being confident and positive will gain you more bookings and success than negativity and self doubt ever will! You will get EXACTLY from your business, what you put into it! Stay positive, stay focused, and remember if you don’t ask for bookings the answer will always be “no”.

What hard thing have you been pushing yourself to do to become more successful?

Confidence in oneself is often misinterpreted as having a big ego, but I’d like to tell you that if YOU don’t believe in YOU, no one else will either! Keep that head high, and your eyes set on your goals ladies, the sky is the limit!

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