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Turn uplifting products women love into your dream life! Essential Bodywear offers an exciting career plan to help you build your own business. This unique opportunity puts you on the ground floor of an innovative company.



Ready to be your own boss? Start your own business with Essential Bodywear and make a difference in women’s lives. Enjoy fabulous products, fun, and financial opportunity! Essential Bodywear offers women the career opportunity to help you grow personally, professionally and financially.

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Rep Spotlight: Renea Bess

Renea Bess

Tell us a little about yourself and family life.

I just celebrated my 31st wedding anniversary to my wonderful husband Todd. We have 2 beautiful sons, Justin and Hunter. My husband and I are empty nesters now, and enjoy taking unplanned roadtrips along with sitting on the deck watching our fish in our koi pond.

Tell us about what appealed to you to join EBW?

Life was quiet and kinda dull until “the bras” lol. The excitement and joy of helping women feel better about themselves is a feeling that never gets old. I am so blessed that Essential Bodywear came into my life at the perfect moment. Life has changed since starting in February. I had never been to a bra party or heard of EBW, but when I was fitted I immediately knew this was my calling. I signed up on the spot with no hesitation. It was truly a God thing. Since joining in February, I have constantly been working my business. I saw the potential EBW had, so I left my full time job as an office manager. That was the hardest decision I have had to make in a long time. Stepping out on faith and prayer, my last day was May 17th. What a difference it has made! My income has steadily and rapidly increased!

What is the one piece of advice you would give to a Rep who is just starting out with Essential Bodywear?

My advice to all reps, new and old, is to show your excitement. Wear it, share it, be proud of it! This is a great company with great products. Don’t be afraid to ask, all they can do is say no. We aren’t going to sell or fit everyone, but the ones we do, what a difference it will make!

What are your goals for working with EBW?

Straight to the top! With this company it is so attainable! We haven’t even touched the surface of the women out there that need this! With the products we have and the pay, it is so doable!!! Next year at Bravo, I want to be on that stage getting that Directors chair with at least 20 or more others that have done the same!

How do you push through setbacks or disappointments in your business?

I know there will be slow weeks, but this is the time to sit down and go thru past customers. Check in on them and see if they need anything. Ask them if they would like to have a party. Schedule them to see a new product you didn’t have when you fitted them last. Ask if you could do a fitting on their mother, sister, or friend. It will open new doors!!

What key things do you see yourself doing that are helping you gain consistent bookings?

I started out just doing private fittings. It did take a while to start getting the bookings; however, I was grateful for it as it helped me learn the fitting process and have that one on one with the customer. Learning about the products and the way they fit different body types was a key to my success. Shortly after, the parties started. At each party I ask each customer if they would like to have a party at checkout. Point blank. They have to give you a yes or no this way. I almost always get 1 to 3 parties booked from each. My calendar is filling fast now. I try to do 1 to 3 parties a week, and 1 day for private fittings.

What hard thing have you been pushing yourself to do to become more successful?

The hardest thing that I am working through is going to different areas around where I don’t know anyone. Going to salons and boutiques to spread the word and trying to get pop up events. Cold calling, if you will. The potential on this is amazing, but it is so hard for me to get the courage to do this. My upline Karen Marsh and I have been working this together. I am going to start this with my downline also. Having a friend go helps encourage you to do what you don’t want to do by yourself.

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