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Turn uplifting products women love into your dream life! Essential Bodywear offers an exciting career plan to help you build your own business. This unique opportunity puts you on the ground floor of an innovative company.



Ready to be your own boss? Start your own business with Essential Bodywear and make a difference in women’s lives. Enjoy fabulous products, fun, and financial opportunity! Essential Bodywear offers women the career opportunity to help you grow personally, professionally and financially.

Travel opportunities with EBW are more than an escape because when you travel with Essential Bodywear, it’s the experience of a lifetime! How do you get this opportunity? Simple. Become an EBW Rep and be amazed with the awesome opportunities offered.


Rep Spotlight: Michele Kelley (Current Web)

Michele Kelley Michele Kelley Tell us a little about yourself and family life.
I have two amazing children, Makenzie and Nate. I have cats, dogs, and chickens! I love animals! I run a non-profit in honor of my late husband. Doing things as a family, for my family is important to me! Feeling confident is also important to me so I love that I can now help other women feel this way too!

Tell us about what appealed to you to join EBW?
I have loved EBW products for four years! I met EBW CEO, Carrie Charlick at one of the first parties I attended. She was so down to earth and seemed to really care about her products and her independent representatives. When the opportunity came for me to share what I love I couldn’t say no. I have loved EBW even more ever since!

How do you balance work and family life?
I make time for both, work and family because both are important for me. When something becomes your passion there are no excuses. I schedule every hour of my day (professionally and personally) so I can be as productive for my customers as I am for my family.

What has EBW meant to you?
EBW has helped me pay for airline tickets and for extracurricular activities for my children. We couldn’t do all the things we love to do as a family without the extra income I earn with Essential Bodywear. EBW has become part of my family. I love being a part of women helping women! Uplifting and supporting women in the best way we know how! That feels amazing!

What is the one piece of advice you would give to a Rep who is just starting out with Essential Bodywear?
Don’t be afraid! Women need our product! Women want to feel amazing without the hassle in finding a bra on their own! Dive in and have fun!

What are your goals for working with EBW?
My first goal with EBW is to make it on the incentive trip! Working towards this goal will also help me reach Team Leader level. I don’t plan to stop there! I want Essential Bodywear to be a brand every woman loves!

What have you gained from working with EBW?
I have gained more confidence and fulfillment working with EBW. Seeing the joy on women’s faces when they try on our product makes me feel so good because I am helping them!

What is one of your favorite quotes you live by?
Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.

How do you push through setbacks or disappointments in your business?
I talk to my upline and make a plan. I set goals and steps to get to those goals.

What key things do you see yourself doing that are helping you gain consistent bookings?
Offering it to everyone! When I am at parties it also helps me to tell the hosts’ friends that the host can get a 50% OFF product at their party if they book one now.

What hard thing have you been pushing yourself to do or change about your business to become more successful?
Being more consistent with my follow-ups. If I followed up more I know my momentum would be even greater. So I am working towards this by writing everything down as it is hard to remember otherwise.

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