Enjoy extraordinary perks when you become an independent Essential Bodywear Representative.
You can live the lifestyle you want with EBW!

Perky Points is a reward program for Essential Bodywear Independent Representatives. Our Representatives can use Perky Points towards specific EBW products. This is a fabulous way to earn product to grow your business. Our Annual Conference is an uplifting perk.


Our representatives can choose to earn a little extra money or a six-figure income. It’s up to you! EBW Representatives earn up to 37% commission per month on their sales. Imagine the possibilities! Your Home Office team supports your business to help you earn more by offering various specials, promotions, incentives, and extra rewards to keep your business going throughout the year.


Essential Bodywear appreciates and recognizes your hard work and dedication through jewelry and luxury travel. One of the best things about a career with Essential Bodywear is the opportunity for Independent Representatives to earn a luxurious, all-expense-paid vacation every single year. This annual incentive trip is your reward for all of your your hard work, while giving you the opportunity to build your business while earning it. Top Earners are also recognized at our annual conference with beautiful jewelry to recognize your wonderful accomplishments.


As an independent Essential Bodywear Representative you will have the freedom and flexibility you want. Enjoy the benefits of having your own business and being your own boss. You decide your schedule to fit your active lifestyle. You can have it all!